Thursday, 12 November 2009

End of Recording Artists?

Over years things change, and some things come to end - To me it seems that value of recorded music has lost its significance rapidly in past ten years or so, and as valuable entity it may not last for much longer.
There are now music everywhere...It's almost impossible to spend a day without hearing recorded music.
Some might argue that this can't be bad thing - it shows that people have easy access to music, and because of that people can share their enjoyment to their friends and families.
But I can't help feeling that people have got so used to hearing music without paying that they take it for granted and no longer appreciate the effort that has been put in by artists to produce their music.

Once music used to be form of art, it was very special personal expression of emotion by musicians. Now I feel it has been degraded to as low as something you just put on while you are travelling on public transport or while working just to interrupt silence/cut out the noise.
I haven't seen many people who would play records, and sit down and dedicate full attention to the music. I find this sad personally, some recordings really means a lot to the artist, and they have put a lot of time, effort, and emotion into them - And they are just used as something to put on background in a house party, say.

There is nothing wrong with using music as something to go on background - But there are some music which are not designed that way, and I feel they are massively under-rated these days because of how people have become to treat recorded music.

As a recording artist who hasn't performed for 2 years, it makes me really sad. Recorded music will soon be something that band use to promote themselves, and not something to make living out of, or something to go on background for some other purpose, not just for listening like in commercials, films, restaurants and shops.
So recording artists who make music as art, and just so it happens that it serves no other useful purpose, simply will not be able to make their living out of making music.
I am being bias here, but art of recording music is very challenging and requires very specialised knowledge, with lots of demand - Everyone around you listen to music. I feel they deserve to making living out of what they do.
But just because of how technology has developed and the music industry has been lazy to cope with the change, as well as how people have become to treat music, they will not be able to keep doing what they want to do.
Yes, everyone needs to make compromise to strike the optimum balance of what they want and what they have to do for living...But I feel the this is unfair. Is it not?

I guess the main complaints here is how people have become to treat recorded music and their significant lack of appreciation for the effort being put in to produce it. Once you've gone through the process yourself to make recording you will get what I mean. It is very time consuming, creative art that requires specialised knowledge - It deserves a little better respect. Even if all you need to do on your computer is to click .mp3 file and Ctr-C, Ctr-V to reproduce it, the creation of very first file is a long long painful process - It's just so easy for you to ignore that because you don't see the process - A bit like people dying in the third world. We can just ignore about their suffering and death because we don't see it - Or media choose not to show it because it doesn't make money(I can write whole new blog on this topic haha).

I know me complaining here will not change much, but I hope these blogs will at least stop you and make you think a little before you copy music or download music next time. And I hope some of you will treat recordings the way they deserve. It's all for the artists we love, and you know you should respect their passion and their choice to dedicate their lives to their music.

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