Sunday, 13 December 2009

Some pictures from Fortress Studio session...

Some photos from the recording session last week with Wellerhill production. I will get the video done eventually when I get time but I am insanely busy at the moment so be patient with me!

Fortress Studio, Old Street. That's where the magic happens!

DDA desk in Wellerhill production's room with KRK VXT8 speakers.

Tascam Tape machine, Tube screamer, Olly's Fender strat that we tracked most of rhythm guitar parts with. Other parts were tracked with Dan's PRS Standard.

Wellerhill's outboard + my Rupert Neve Portico pre and compressor. As you can see they love Line6 effects. No good : P

Protools digirack 002(Only used for editing, they have Protools HD for tracking), Amazing touch screen ADA converter - VERY transparent! And drum tuner at the bottom.

Dan eats corn flakes ALL DAY, not good! Feed him with good food whenever you can - he functions better ;)

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