Monday, 22 March 2010

Travis Orbin session recordings

So we have been recording guitars over Travis Orbin's drums that have been done a while ago...This time we are using Nano's Mesa (Normad 50) - Nano recorded with his fucked up ESP and Olly recorded with his Fender that we used for Wellerhill Session.
Signal chain looks like this:
Guitar --> Keeley modded TS-808 --> Normad -->
1. Motherload Elemental --> Apogee Duet channel 1
2. Shure Beta57 --> Apogee Duet channel 2

Motherload is a speaker simulator/attenuator so we could record guitar by both direct and mic at home without making stupidly loud noise.
Mic is positioned pretty much at the center of the cone - It sounds pretty nasty on its own but when you mix it with Motherload's signal you get pretty sweet tone!

Guitars are done and some video clips should go up in few weeks hopefully, and also studio footage from Wellerhill session might finally become available soon!

That's all for this week!

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