Friday, 30 July 2010

Senjyu recording session report

So taking what I said in previous post to practice, this is what I did for making Senjyu!

First of all, my entire recording setup:
As you can see, no mixer, no monitors. Just laptop, a couple of pedals and a couple of outboards.

1. For computer I am using Macbook Pro. I travel around a lot and portability is key - But I didn't want my laptop too small either so 15 inch screen is a good size. 4GB RAM. About 3 years old now!

2. I am using Logic Pro 9, I only chose Logic because it was cheapest and had prettiest interface. Also set of plug-ins and sound library that comes with Logic is pretty good!

3. Microphone
For recording guitars, I used Shure SM57. In this picture it's positioned like that but for every track I did move around to make sure it gets most suited sound.

Blackstar HT-5 also had "Emulated Output" so I recorded both by microphone and emulated output.

For bass, I used this random Siberian bass compressor I picked up for about $20. Apparently it goes on internet for about $200. This connects straight to line-in. Unless I wanted bass distortion, which case I connected output to Blackstar HT-5 before it goes into Logic.

For vocals, I used Shure SM7 for everything.
These two microphones are only microphones used in the session!

4. Interface

For interface, I used Apogee Duet. When I recorded guitars I used both inputs by recording microphone and emulated output. For other things I just used one input. Output is monitored by headphone outs.

5. For plug-ins, I use Logic, PSP and Waves effects only. They seem to cover everything I need : )

6. Outboards
This is the most expensive section of my recording setup. They are Rupert Neve Portico preamp and compressor. Neve is extremely well known brand of mixers and this is their more affordable products (But still costs around $1500 each). They are both designed to be used for two inputs, which matches the number of Duet. So this works for me!

7. Monitors

As I said at the beginning, I didn't use monitors, instead I used high end Shures in-your-ear earphones. I love them, and I definitely feel I can mix music much better with these - Not to mention that the price is less than half of monitors which similar audio quality.

So here you go, here is very quick guide to my studio setup!


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing Hayato! Really looking forward to the album! Just out of interest what's model of the Shure earphones?

  2. You are proof of doing something good with out breaking the bank.

  3. I think they were se530s? I don't remember well unfortunately!